We. Love. Data. And everything we do starts with it. Now coming to think about it, this section should’ve come at the top. Oh, you’re still reading this? Glad we captured your interest. Back to why we love data. Your data is important for obvious reasons like telling us who your audience is and how they are engaging with your business so we can make improvements. But one frequently forgotten aspect is that with research and your data, we can also see who you’re missing out. Lastly it also tells us how your business performs, your business margins and more. Only with all of this can we plan a marketing mix that will work for you. Give us a call and we’ll take a look under the bonnet

  • Research, Media Planning

  • Bespoke and automated client reporting with Google Data Studio

  • Google Shopping feed optimisation

  • Google Analytics Configuration & Setup

  • Call & Website Tracking: Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel & others.